Routia was built on the simple principle that network automation should be the default for everyone.

Founded in 2022 by Nate Sales, Routia is a network software company built on experience of automating large networks including ISPs, datacenters, and content providers.

The earliest version of Routia started in 2019 with the open source Pathvector routing project. Routia is committed to making automation available for all, and will continue supporting Pathvector as a MIT-licensed open source project. As the needs of networks grew, it became clear that a single, unified multi-vendor interface was missing from the existing market of network automation tools.

Routia brings a vendor-neutral SaaS model to network automation. We believe that operators should be free to choose between network vendors and spend time focusing on improving their products rather than worrying about the security, performance, and cost of their network. Routia is here to meet your needs and grow alongside your network.